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Articles by Emily Green

Why do we call it a 'French horn' when it isn't French at all? Article

Why do we call it a 'French horn' when it isn't French at all? Emily Green, a recent college music graduate and a horn player, dives into why so many U.S. classical fans have been calling the popular brass instrument by the wrong name for so long.


What does music sound like through auditory implants? Article

This week's Decomposed podcast delves into Ludwig van Beethoven's hearing loss and how it affected his composing. But what does music sound like to modern audiences with hearing loss? Retired classical host John Zech shares his experience.


Classical Kids Storytime meets 15 Common Core Standards Article

Classical Kids Storytime meets 15 Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, Reading, and Literature in grades K-5. The standards offer a focus for instruction each year and help ensure that students gain adequate exposure to a range of texts and tasks.


Listen to classical music podcasts from APM and MPR Article

American Public Media and Minnesota Public Radio produce a variety of classical music podcasts, including Decomposed, New Classical Tracks and Piano Puzzler. Check out our offerings, and add them to your listening list today!