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A variety of modern classical music for a fall night

As Russia's war against Ukraine intensified, Valentin Silvestrov, 84, fled to Germany and has become a musical spokesman for his country.ECM Records

Extra Eclectic - Nov. 09, 2022


November 09, 2022

As the nights grow longer and cooler, Extra Eclectic host Steve Seel takes the opportunity to sample from the wealth of modern classical works that perfectly complement the mood of an autumnal evening — composers like Valentin Silvestrov, Kaija Saariaho, Olafur Arnalds and more. Plus, Seel features tracks from Minnesota guitarist Steve Tibbetts' new career retrospective and a massive, captivating work from Swedish composer Andrea Tarrodi.


Unknown Gates
Margaret Hermant/Neil Leiter/Gary De Cart (Composer)
The See Within (Album)
Echo Collective (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 4:28

Suite For Symphonic Strings: Chorale
Lou Harrison (Composer)
Dennis Russell Davies (Conductor)
Harrison, Ung, Mcphee (Album)
American Composers Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 5:53

Hellbound Train (Album)
Steve Tibbetts, Guitar (Soloist)
Duration: 4:29

Hellbound Train (Album)
Steve Tibbetts, Guitar (Soloist)
Duration: 2:16

Patrik Ringborg (Conductor)
Four Elements (Album)
Nordic Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Delphine Constantin-Reznik, Harp (Soloist)
Duration: 21:42

In A Landscape
John Cage (Composer)
Rothko Chapel (Album)
Sarah Rothenberg, Piano (Soloist)
Duration: 9:41

For Now I Am Winter
Olafur Arnalds (Composer)
Winter (Album)
Voces8 (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 4:41


Valentin Silvestrov (Composer)
Thomas Sanderling (Conductor)
Ustvolskaya, Silvestrov, Kancheli: Works For Piano And Orchestra (Album)
Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Elisaveta Blumina, Piano (Soloist)
Duration: 6:02

Ilari Kaila (Composer)
The Bells Bow Down (Album)
Aizuri Quartet (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 9:32

Ciel D'hiver (Winter Sky)
Kaija Saariaho (Composer)
Hannu Lintu (Conductor)
Kaija Saariaho: True Fire - Trans - Ciel D'hiver (Album)
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 9:40

The Night Gatherers
Judd Greenstein (Composer)
First Things First (Album)
Chiara String Quartet (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Nadia Sirota, Viola (Soloist)
Duration: 12:54

Lost And Found (Album)
Sean Shibe, Electric Guitar (Soloist)
Duration: 9:38