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Steve Tibbetts' unclassifiable music knows no boundaries

Steve Tibbetts is an American guitarist and composer. Jonette Novak

Extra Eclectic - Steve Tibbets Interview


November 08, 2022

Minnesota guitarist and composer Steve Tibbetts doesn't make “classical music” by any stretch of the imagination — nor is it jazz, rock, "world music" or really anything else. So why did Extra Eclectic host Steve Seel spend a day talking with Tibbetts for a deep dive into his 40-year career? Precisely because it's indescribable, and its genre-less inscrutability has fascinated Seel for years. In this half-hour interview, Seel sits down with the musician to talk with him on the occasion of the release of Hellbound Train, a new two-disc showcase of what Tibbetts describes as his style of "post-modern neo-primitivism."