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Class Notes Concerts

The Dream Songs Project at Goodview Elementary, Goodview, MN right outside of Winona. MPR/Jerry Olson

Welcome to Class Notes Concerts!

Designed to engage and inspire elementary students through live performance, these concerts cultivate active listening skills and give children an opportunity to experience the joy of music.

Due to current circumstances, we have adapted the concert content to provide a virtual Class Notes Concert. All virtual Class Notes Concerts will be available on the Classical Kids Music Lessons webpage, beginning in late fall 2020.

Meet this year's roster of Class Notes Concerts artists.

Afoutayi Dance Music and Arts Company

Afoutayi Dance Music and Arts Company, led by Djenane Saint Juste MPR/Nate Ryan

Border CrosSing

Border CrosSing. (L-R) Ahmed Anzaldúa, Artistic Director, harpsichord, piano, tenor; Gaby Doran, soprano; Bethany Battafarano, soprano; Alyssa Anderson, mezzo-soprano; Shazore Shah, tenor; Jake Endres, baritone; Justin Staebell, baritone; Rahn Yanes, double bass; Nico Muñoz, zampona, maracas, cajon, charango Courtesy of the Artist

LISTEN Tleycan timochoquilia
Gaspar Fernandes
Border CrosSing

NEW ARTIST: Bach Society

Bach Society of Minnesota Courtesy of the artist

Chione Quintet

Chione Quintet. (L-R) Alexandra Berndt, bassoon; Bethany Gonella, flute; Susan Miranda, oboe; Weily Grina-Shay, clarinet; Allison Akins, horn Courtesy of the artist

Valerie Coleman
Chione Quintet

Concordia Wind Quintet

Concordia Wind Quintet. Leigh Wakefield, clarinet; Karin Wakefield, French horn; Debora Harris, flute; Russell Peterson, bassoon; Stephanie Carlson, oboe Mark Anthony

LISTEN 5 More (Not So Easy) Dances – II. Bossa Nova
Russ Peterson
Concordia Wind Quintet

The Dream Songs Project

The Dream Songs Project. Alyssa Anderson and Joe Spoelstra. MPR/Jerry Olson

LISTEN Songs of Cowboys and Hobos VI. Edge of Town
Daniel Nass
The Dream Songs Project

NEW ARTIST: e(L)ement

e(L)ement. Karen Baumgartner, flute; Mallory McHenry, harp Courtesy of the artist

Gaelynn Lea

Gaelynn Lea Paul Vienneau

LISTEN Watch the World Unfold
Gaelynn Lea

Kroehm Duo

Kroehm Duo. Jenny Klukken, marimba; Steve Roehm, vibraphone Courtesy of the artist

Lux String Quartet

Lux String Quartet. (L-R) Eric Graf, cello; Kirsti Petraborg, viola; Stephanie Skor, violin; Marc Levine, violin John Kaul

LISTEN String Quartet (excerpt)
György Ligeti
Lux String Quartet

Mill City String Quartet

Mill City String Quartet John Clapham

LISTEN Quartet No. 1 in D minor I. Allegro
Juan Arriaga
Mill City String Quartet

The Mirandola Ensemble

The Mirandola Ensemble: (back row) Andrew Kane, Matthew Culloton, Nick Chalmers, Chelsie Propst; (front row) Brody Krogman, Krista Costin, Hannah Armstrong Steve Norman

LISTEN Fine Knacks for Ladies
John Dowland
The Mirandola Ensemble

The OK Factor

The OK Factor (Olivia Diercks, cello; Karla Colahan, violin) Brittany Todd

LISTEN Liz's Porch
The OK Factor

NEW ARTIST: The Paper Clips

The Paper Clips. (Clockwise) Lauren Husting, tenor trombone; Ben Bussey, tenor trombone; Brookelynne Audette, bass trombone; Chris Allen, bass trombone Courtesy of the artist

Robot Rickshaw

Troy Rogers, the inventor of the Robot Rickshaw. Evan Frost

To learn a little bit more about what Robot Rickshaw does, watch this video:

Interested in a personalized virtual greeting or Q & A session with an artist? Contact Claire Utecht at for more information.

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