Watch Tim Conway's hilarious bit as the world's oldest conductor

F27726 20190514 tim conway
Actor Tim Conway arrives for an event at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles in 2007. Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Tim Conway, who has died at 85, made generations of TV viewers laugh as a fixture on 'The Carol Burnett Show.' That included his hilarious bit as the world's oldest conductor, during an appearance at the Sydney Opera House.

"I would like to play my own composition, the Surprise Concert in C-sharp," he says slowly in a getup that recalls Leopold Stokowski. "Tonight, we will play it in B-flat."

He pauses.


He goes on to note: "Tonight, we will play a concert in two parts — the first part, first; and the second part will follow."

Watch the whole routine — available on YouTube only in an unauthorized version — to appreciate his comedic genius.

RIP, Tim Conway.