Get wrapped up - literally - in a new relaxation trend

Adult wrapping, as seen on Japanese TVatokdean via Instagram

February 09, 2017

Count on Japan to be on the cutting edge of relaxation trends. What's hot right now for Japanese who want to de-stress? Adult wrapping.

Yes, that's exactly what it sounds like. Nobuko Wantanabe, creator of the Toko-chan belt (a.k.a. the baby bump bra), has devised a method of wrapping adults in stretchable sheets. The practice was inspired by the swaddling of babies, who even the Virgin Mary knew often calm down when they're wrapped tightly in fabric.

For about 20 minutes, you're curled up in the fetal position — alone or in a group (everyone in their own sheet, of course). Once you're wrapped, you gently sway from side to side.

When you emerge, you're "relaxed and rejuvenated," according to one Japanese blogger. You may also find that your posture and flexibility are improved, and that you're prepared to (TMI alert) vacate your bowels in a healthy manner.

The practice was first prescribed for expectant mothers, but now it's becoming popular among people who feel cramped, stiff, or just a little stressed out.

Whether or not you have someone ready to wrap you up beforehand (and, hopefully, untie you afterwards), YourClassical's Relax stream is ready to provide the soundtrack.