The best wedding music playlist ever

A spring wedding Katsu Nojiri

When we launched YourClassical, we knew that one of the most important roles classical music plays in our listeners' lives is providing a soundtrack to their weddings. To help happy couples choose the music for their celebrations — and to reminisce afterwards — our classical music experts curated a stream of some of the most beautiful and moving compositions to have ever been heard during wedding-day festivities.

We know many people enjoyed listening to our Weddings stream — but we also listened to you, and heard that while weddings are very special days, you also wanted a soundtrack for everyday romance. Something to turn to whether you're cooking a delicious meal for date night, marking a milestone, planning a wedding or anniversary party, or just celebrating the love you feel every day.

So, we've turned our Weddings stream into a Romance stream: a continuous stream of classical music to help you celebrate the enduring power of love. We hope you enjoy the new stream, and you can let us know what romantic music you most want to hear by voting for your favorite love music. On Valentine's Day, we'll count down your top picks.

If you're looking for special wedding music, don't worry: we've still got you covered. We've curated a nine-hour playlist of classical compositions that make great choices for wedding music. Enjoy!

A spring wedding Katsu Nojiri