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Chris Huelsbeck's career leaps to next stage

Top Score for July 2, 2015

If there is a romanticized childhood for video game music composers, Chris Huelsbeck lived it: learning to code on a Commodore 64, taking piano lessons on the side, experimenting with vintage sound chips. He never suspected that three decades later he would launch the most successful Kickstarter-funded piano album ever, or that his music would be performed in concert by a professional orchestra. It's safe to say that the stage for Chris Huelsbeck's music keeps getting bigger.

Chris is perhaps best known in the gaming community for his contributions to the Turrican and Giana Sisters series of video games. The enduring success of his early works has created a fan following, not only in his native Germany, but across the world. Chris's popularity led to a 2008 concert series entitled Symphonic Shades (see video below), which took place in Germany and featured the WDR Radio Orchestra. Its success, in turn, inspired several more concerts across Europe.

The latest project, likewise grand in scale, is Chris's new album The Piano Collection. Funded on Kickstarter, Chris received more than $73,000 in donations for its production. The album consists of Chris's best-known works, arranged and performed by pianist Patrick Nevian.

Learn more about Chris, from his days spent coding to his record-breaking piano album, on this week's Top Score.

Program Playlist

All written by Chris Huelsbeck:
The Piano Collection: Gem'X
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol 1 - Shoot Or Die
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol 2 - Concerto For Lasers And Enemies
The Piano Collection: R-Type
The Piano Collection: The Great Bath (from Turrican 2)
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol 3 - Payment Day
The Great Giana Sisters - main theme
Dr. Who Legacy
The Piano Collection - Jim Power Stage 3

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