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Top Score: Jukio 'Kozilek' Kallio and 'LUFTRAUSERS'

Promo photo of electronic dance music (EDM) composer Jukio "Kozilek" KallioEetu Lampsijarvi

Top Score for January 29, 2015


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January 29, 2015

Upon watching gameplay of LUFTRAUSERS for the first time, the Top Score team's reactions were much the same.

"I feel disoriented."

"And I think my eyes are melting a bit."

"So … this is what's it's like inside a popcorn popper?"

LUFTRAUSERS is a lo-fi throwback to games like asteroids — a simple premise of "kill or be killed," in an environment of ever-increasing speed. Asteroids, though, never achieved this level of sadistic over-stimulation. Virtually everything on the screen is trying to destroy you … and eventually you will lose, guaranteed.

The game's soundtrack matches the screen's hyperactive, wildly out-of-control playing style. Written by Finnish electronic dance music (EDM) composer Jukio "Kozilek" Kallio, the thumping score contains both club and cinematic influences.

Jukio, whose EDM caught the ear of indie game developer Vlambeer, says that LUFTRAUSERS is consistent with the type of music he wrote at the time. Starting from an electronic beat, he added orchestral elements until the final pieces came to light.

Enjoy a look into LUFTRAUSERS. Unless you get motion sickness.