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Top Score: A composer known as 'Disasterpeace'

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Rich Disasterpeace Vreeland
Composer Rich 'Disasterpeace' Vreeland
Nika States

Back in 2012, video game media outlets were ablaze with news about FEZ. From a documentary charting its development to reviews about its clever use of dimension manipulation, the indie scene couldn't get enough. This press helped launch the career of the game's composer, a then-relatively unknown Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland.

FEZ's soundtrack is more than its glittering, playful, 8-bit tinged surface. The first few tracks pleasantly engage the listener, but FEZ's depth quickly comes to light. The soundtrack includes a piece based on Chopin's mournful prelude in E minor, and accompanies the protagonist's journey from an excited, naíve adventurer to a pained realist.

Gleaming, dreamy and menacing, it's no wonder that FEZ's soundtrack is still hot years later. Emily got to chat with Disasterpeace about FEZ's creation and the music's implementation, as well as his songwriting future.

Listen to the five-minute version of Top Score, or stream the extended-audio version, available at right.

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