Music with Minnesotans

Music with Minnesotans: Kate An Hunter

Music with Minnesotans: Kate An Hunter


July 22, 2014
Kate An Hunter and Curry
Kate An Hunter and Curry
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Kate An Hunter decided to follow her heart. She came to veterinary medicine by way of a career as a chemist at 3M.

Like all veterinarians, Kate has a big heart. In her caring hands, animals, large and small, are tended to and made well. Her playlist is filled with the music of the outdoors.

Prokofiev: Lieutenant Kije, "Troika" with Boston Pops led by John Williams. Philips 426 247

Stravinsky: Rite of Spring (finale) Philadelphia Orchestra led by Yannick Nezet-Seguin. DG 19032

Debussy: La Mer, "The Play of Waves" Detroit Symphony Orchestra led by Paul Paray. Mercury 434 343

JS Bach: Flute Sonata in b minor, "Andante" (excerpt) with Philippa Davis, flute. Avie 2101

Dvorak: Symphony No.9, "Allegro con fuoco" New York Philharmonic led by Leonard Bernstein. Sony 60563

Next week: Children's book writer, Charlotte Sullivan, brings a playlist that bends traditional classical music.