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Video Game Music Fan Site OC ReMix on Top Score

Video Game Music Fan Site OC Remix on Top Score


November 15, 2012
David Lloyd & Larry Oji
David Lloyd & Larry Oji at PAX Prime 2011 in Seattle

In the dark ages of the Internet, David Lloyd created a place for fans to share their arrangements and performances of video game music.

Even in 1999, sites already existed for game music fans, but they were system-specific; meaning, there were sites for lovers of Commodore 64 music, or sites for Nintendo fans, etc. David wanted to create a site where people could share covers and remixes of game music regardless of which console they played.

OverClocked ReMix (a.k.a. OC ReMix or OCR) now has more than two-thousand submissions, each one of which is painstakingly cross-referenced for originality, legality and quality.

Every single track on OCR is available for immediate download. Each track also contains feedback from the submissions judges, as well as comments from the remixers and performers.

It's easy to get lost in OCR, clicking from one submission to the next. Guitar duet of "Vampire Killer" from Castlevania? It's there. Jazz version of the iconic Super Mario Bros. theme? No problem. You'll find vocal mixes, instrumental, electronic, jazz, classical; OCR has it all.

Additionally, there are remixes from every era of gaming, from 8-bit tunes like Mario or Castlevania to arrangements of orchestral scores like Skyrim or Halo.

Larry Oji hopped on the OCR team in 2004 as a submissions judge, and all-around mega-fan.

OCR has a fairly large staff, none of whom receive compensation as it's not-for-profit.

Hear David and Larry talk about how OCR got off the ground, they'll share some of their favorite and most surprising mixes, and talk about the topic plaguing many musicians around the globe: copyright.

In the episode, you'll get to hear the original melodies juxtaposed against the fan mixes - pretty amazing stuff.

Top Score is also available on iTunes.