Soothing Beethoven Playlist

January 12, 2012
Violin and Cello
Violin and Cello
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Whilst most of Beethoven's famous output seems to be furious and impassioned, he has many works which are intimate and tender. This playlist offers some examples.

It can also be a starting point for exploration of the larger works from which these movements are excerpted. Traditionally, classical symphonies and concerti contained a calm second movement to contrast the (often energetic) first movement. Beethoven inverted the normal order of the two middle movements in his 9th Symphony, which is why the third movement is listed.


Violin Sonata No. 5 ("Spring"): II

Symphony No. 6 ("Pastoral"): II

Fidelio: "Mir ist so wunderbar"

Symphony No. 1: II

Violin Concerto: II

Andante favori

Symphony No. 9: III