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Top Score: Greg Edmonson


November 17, 2011
Greg Edmonson
Greg Edmonson
Courtesy of the Artist

One of the first games available for the PlayStation 3 was a game called Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (2007). It's billed as an action-adventure/third-person shooter, but an easy way to think of Uncharted is to compare protagonist Nathan Drake to Indiana Jones. Not exactly a fair comparison, as I feel the Uncharted trilogy is better-written and more exciting, simply because I'm controlling the treasure hunt as the player.

Greg Edmonson made his video game scoring debut with Uncharted: Drake's Forutne, but he's spent years scoring film and television. Joss Whedon fans might recognize Greg as the man who scored episodes for the far-too-short show "Firefly."

All three games in the Uncharted series take you around the world, to jungles, mountains, deserts, cities and villages. On Top Score, Edmonson talks about how he gets and ethnic sound to his music without attempting to write indigenous music.

Edmonson also talks about the writer and creator of the Uncharted series; Amy Hennig is the Director of the series and works for developer Naughty Dog. Edmonson describes Hennig's passion for creating a great gaming experience for women as well as men. And each Uncharted game has strong female characters who easily stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the men in the game.

You can hear my conversation with Greg Edmonson on the newest episode of Top Score from Classical Minnesota Public Radio.


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