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Top Score: Bear McCreary


October 19, 2011
Bear McCreary
Composer Bear McCreary

Composer Bear McCreary is our guest on Top Score this week from Classical MPR. I first became interested in his music through my adoration of the relaunched Battlestar Galactica series on SyFy. I loved his blend of folk-inspired melodies and unusual combinations of instruments that denied genre.

Lucky for me, Bear also scored two video games. Capcom's Dark Void from 2010, and Sony's SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs.

Both games introduce discerning ears to some less-traditional instruments, like the gamelan orchestra in SOCOM or the Ondes Martenot (like a theremin, but cooler) in Dark Void.

Bear's mentor was legendary film composer Elmer Bernstein, and it was great to talk with him about their relationship and the lasting impact of Bernstein's music in Bear's life and around the world.

You can hear Bear McCreary in the newest episode of Top Score from Classical MPR.


  • INTRO: Dark Void - Theme

  • Dark Void - Ava and the Rocket

  • Dark Void - The Imperator

  • Dark Void - Will and Ava

  • Elmer Bernstein - Kings Of The Sun "Main Theme"

  • Dark Void - Theme from Dark Void (Mega Version Bonus Track)

  • Dark Void - Archon

  • SOCOM 4 - Naga Formation

  • Battlestar Galactica - Kobol's Last Gleaming

  • Battlestar Galactica - Main Title (UK Version)

  • Elmer Bernstein - The Ten Commandments, "Main Theme"

  • Elmer Bernstein - To Kill A Mockingbird

  • Erich Korngold - The Adventures of Robin Hood

  • Bernard Hermann - Psycho

  • SOCOM 4 - Theme from SOCOM

  • SOCOM 4 - Onslaught at the Bridge

  • CREDITS: Bob Dylan / Arr. Bear McCreary - All Along the Watchtower