Lviv National Philharmonic

The Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra hails from the western part of Ukraine.Provided

April 10, 2023

This week on SymphonyCast, in the medieval city of Lviv on Ukraine’s western border with Poland, an orchestra dares to do the unthinkable: carry a message of hope across the world during a period of war and instability. The ensemble's resilience stands as a testament to its determination and the timelessness of the great works it performs with vigor, distinction and artistry. The ensemble is led by the dynamic Ukrainian-American conductor Theodore Kuchar. Listen now with host Steve Seel to the Lviv National Philharmonic, live from Athens.


Hour 1

BRAHMS: Tragic Overture
GRIEG: Piano Concerto

Hour 2

DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 (“From the New World”)
DVORAK: Serenade for Winds

Theodore Kuchar, conductor
Stanislav Kristenko, piano