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Articles by John Zech

Classical host John Zech bids farewell to listeners Article

John Zech, classical host and the voice of Composers Datebook, is retiring. "I have always enjoyed going to work and being a part of your lives," he writes to listeners as he explains his departure.


Are these women the Harlem Globetrotters of piano quartets? Article

The four women of Hamburg's Salut Salon combine virtuosity, playfulness and acrobatics in their performances of great classical music. Host John Zech shares a video of a performance that's a joy for the ears and for one's sense of humor.


Music in Patrick O'Brian's novels Article

When I was a lad, books like Captains Courageous and Two Years Before the Mast, The Sea Wolf and later, Moby Dick, all gave me dreams of being a sailor. But after several Channel crossings and a sailing weekend on Lake Superior, I've found I don't have the stomach for it. It seems I'll have to keep my sailing adventures to the printed page, and the silver screen. But as a classical music broadcaster, I have to give O'Brian especially good marks for the way he treats music in his novels. How could you not love a writer who ends a rollicking sea adventure, The Letter of Marque, with everyone on deck singing an aria from Mozart's Cosi fan tutte!