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Articles by Emily Reese

Top Score: SonicPicnic and Awesomenauts Article

The soundtrack for the game 'Awesomenauts' sounds like an alien radio station. The music was created by a group of composers who call themselves SonicPicnic.


Composer Ryan Ike got his career started at 'Gunpoint' Article

Composer Ryan Ike got his first big break in video-game composition by answering an open call for composers on Twitter for a game called 'Gunpoint'. He got the job -- and a BAFTA nomination. Hear more about Ryan Ike on this week's episode of Top Score.


Serious music for a casual game Article

Millions of people around the world play the 'casual' game Candy Crush Soda Saga, but composer Johan Holmstrom took the music very seriously, even recruiting the London Symphony Orchestra for the recording session. Holmstrom is Emily Reese's guest on this week's Top Score.


Learning to Listen: Lolita Ritmanis Article

Lolita, like Miriam, carved herself a niche. Not documentaries, but superhero animated stories. She wrote the wildly popular theme to 'Justice League', and won Emmys for her work on 'Batman Beyond'. Hear her discuss her Latvian heritage and her work in that country in the audio.


Learning to Listen: Miriam Cutler Article

Miriam and Laura began the Alliance for Women Film Composers together. Miriam is well-known for her work in documentaries. How did she end up doing that? She has a great story, including a job singing telegrams. Hear it here.


Learning to Listen: Kathryn Bostic Article

Kathryn tosses her hat into many rings. She regularly performs live, she's a singer/songwriter, and scores films. She worked with August Wilson in the early '00s on 'Gem of the Ocean', and scored the PBS documentary on August Wilson's life, 'The Ground on Which I Stand'.


Famous Five: Women composers in media Article

'Gender equity' isn't the first thing that jumps to mind when thinking of movie soundtracks. It's time to change that. On this week's Learning to Listen, Emily Reese spotlights five female composers making a splash across the media spectrum.


Learning to Listen: Lili Haydn Article

Lili is also a Jill-of-all-trades, having initially gotten into scoring due to her successful solo recordings. In addition to being a fantastic violinist, Lili sings and scores. Hear her incredible journey to recovery thanks to Mendelssohn in the audio.