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This episode of 'Extra Eclectic' features music by composer Anna Clyne.
Christina Kernohan
Extra Eclectic

Beethoven beneath the surface

Extra Eclectic - June 5, 2024

Beethoven lurks in the melodies and motifs in this week’s edition of Extra Eclectic, with modern works that quote, refer to or otherwise honor compositions by ol’ Ludwig van. Host Steve Seel showcases works by Anna Clyne, Timo Andres, and Jonathan Dove. In the show’s second hour, Seel brings us works that approach the piano as a percussion instrument (or something else entirely), or conversely, music for tuned percussion. Listen now!


Allusions: Beneath the Surface
Paul Patterson
Kenneth Woods, conductor
English String Orchestra
Harriet Mackenzie, violin
Nimbus 6295

Anna Clyne
The Knights
Avie 2555

Ludwig Games
Jonathan Dove
Krysia Osostowicz, violin
Somm 181

The Blind Banister
Timo Andres
Andrew Cyr, conductor
Metropolis Ensemble
Timo Andres, piano
Nonesuch 726374

Scale of Volatility
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
130701 20

Collective Wisdom
Michael Gilbertson
Bright Shiny Things 191

Hayy: Revealing the Tones
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison, piano
Cantaloupe 21157

Music One for Bowed Strings
Stephen Scott
The Bowed Piano Ensemble
New Albion 107

Black Earth
Fazil Say
Inna Faliks, piano
Dorian 92277

Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano: Sonata No. 2
John Cage
Pedja Muzijevic, piano
Albany 1039

Concerto for Violin and Percussion Orchestra
Kati Agocs
Frank Epstein, conductor
New England Conservatory Percussion Ensemble
Nicholas Kitchen, violin
Naxos 574212

Peter Martin
Third Coast Percussion
Orange Mountain 132

In a Landscape
John Cage
Sarah Rothenberg, piano

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