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Anna Clyne honors Schubert's emotional struggle

Contemporary composer Anna Clyne's piece ‘Night Ferry’ reflects Schubert's mind. Javier Oddo/Boosey & Hawks

Extra Eclectic - March 1


March 01, 2023

It's said that Franz Schubert suffered from a mood disorder called cyclothymia, causing rapid mood swings from one extreme to the other, and that this would sometimes even affect the tone of the music that he would write. Contemporary composer Anna Clyne says she wrote her work, Night Ferry, with Schubert in mind. Clyne describes the piece as "a journey between extreme physical, mental and emotional states." It's just one of the works Steve Seel brings us on this week's show, in addition to music by Gabriela Ortiz, Avner Dorman, Timo Andres and more.

Episode Playlist

Atlas-Pumas: 3rd Movement
Gabriela Ortiz (Composer)
Ortiz: Aroma Foliando (Album)
Shalini Vijayan, Violin (Soloist)
Duration: 4:34

Rainbows, I
Stephen Scott (Composer)
New Music for Bowed Piano (Album)
The Bowed Piano Ensemble (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 5:54

David Lang (Composer)
Alan Pierson (Conductor)
David Lang: Writing On Water (Album)
Alarm Will Sound (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 10:12

Violin Sonata No. 3 "Nigunim"
Avner Dorman (Composer)
Nignuim: Hebrew Melodies (Album)
Gil Shaham, Violin (Soloist)
Duration: 19:43

Wise Words
Timo Andres (Composer)
Study of the Invisible (Album)
Vanessa Wagner, Piano (Soloist)
Duration: 3:13

On Being Wrong
Christopher Cerrone (Composer)
Sleeping Giant: Ash (Album)
Ashley Bathgate, Cello (Soloist)
Duration: 6:44

The Harp and The Moon: 1st Movement
Ross Edwards (Composer)
In Transit (Album)
Emily Granger, Harp (Soloist)
Duration: 4:47

Night Ferry
Anna Clyne (Composer)
Andrew Litton (Conductor)
Anna Clyne: Mythologies (Album)
Bbc Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 20:12

Spin Bird
Kate Moore (Composer)
In Transit (Album)
Emily Granger, Harp (Soloist)
Duration: 3:48

Thirty Thousand Days
Chris Rogerson (Composer)
Clarinet Quintets For Our Time (Album)
Dover Quartet (Orchestra/Ensemble)
David Shifrin, Clarinet (Soloist)
Duration: 17:30