Celebrate Lent with Gloriae Dei Cantores

Gloriae Dei Cantores invite you to listen to the group's Lenten Calendar to find a Musical Meditation for each day from now until Easter.Provided

February 24, 2023

Starting on Ash Wendesday and ending at sundown on Holy Thursday, Lent is a Christian season of prayer and fasting dedicated to commemorating the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert.

This year, Gloriae Dei Cantores invites you to join the singers for Daily Musical Meditations for Lent. Each day, the group features a recording dedicated to celebrating this religious observance, kind of like a Choral Advent Calendar! Find out more and listen to today’s recording on their official website.

Gloriae Dei Cantores
Gloriae Dei Cantores
Courtesy the ensemble

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