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Black Resistance

George Walker was a composer and was the first black American to win a Pulitzer prize in 1996 for music. YouTube

Extra Eclectic - Jan. 1, 2023


February 01, 2023

The theme of Black History Month 2023 is "Black Resistance." It explores how Black Americans have resisted historic and ongoing oppression in all forms. It's as timely as ever, as oppression continues in different ways — from the threat of police violence to the prohibition of the teaching of black American history in some quarters of America. This week's episode of Extra Eclectic falls on the first day of Black History Month. Host Steve Seel features a survey of contemporary Black composers whose music speaks to the Black American experience in many ways — from George Walker to Jessie Montgomery, Jonathan Baily Holland to Quinn Mason, and many more.

Episode Playlist

Voodoo Dolls
Jessie Montgomery (Composer)
Chamber Music (Album)
Publiquartet (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 4:27

Winged Creatures
Michael Abels (Composer)
Allen Tinkham (Conductor)
Winged Creatures (Album)
Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Anthony Mcgill, Clarinet (Soloist)
Duration: 11:39

Requiem For the Enslaved: Gloria
Carlos Simon (Composer)
Carlos Simon: Requiem For The Enslaved (Album)
Hub New Music (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 3:14

Sinfonia No. 5 "Visions"
George Walker (Composer)
Franz Welser-Most (Conductor)
Antifonys, Lilacs, Sinfonias Nos 4 & 5 (Album)
Cleveland Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 14:38

The Never-Ending Ocean of Identity
Quinn Mason (Composer)
Settle: Migration Music Part 3 (Album)
Lara Downes, Piano (Soloist)
Duration: 3:39

Flute Sonata
Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (Composer)
Amplify: Changing America's Playlist (Rii Vol. 1) (Album)
Adam Eccleston, Flute (Soloist)
Duration: 12:19

Homage To Paradise Valley: Roho, Pumzika Kwa Amani (Spirits, Rest Peacefully)
Jeff Scott (Composer)
Ghost Light (Album)
Akropolis Reed Quintet (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 4:46

Soli Deo Gloria
Courtney Bryan (Composer)
Night Triptych (Album)
Duo Noire (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 5:28

A Window of Resonant Light
Jeffrey Mumford (Composer)
Jeffrey Mumford: The Promise Of The Far Horizon (Album)
Core Ensemble (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 13:04 

Quintet: Alas, My Identity...
James Lee Iii (Composer)
American Stories (Album)
Pacifica Quartet (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Anthony McGill, Clarinet (Soloist)
Duration: 7:44

Halcyon Sun
Jonathan Bailey Holland (Composer)
Paavo Jarvi (Conductor)
American Portraits (Album)
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 17:22

Jessie Montgomery (Composer)
The Jukebox Album (Album)
Elena Urioste, Violin (Soloist)
Duration: 4:14