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Arvo Part engages with silence

Arvo Pärt was born on Sept. 11, 1935, in Paide, Estonia. He is a composer who has created a unique musical language called tintinnabuli.Eric Marinitsch, the Arvo Pärt Centre

Extra Eclectic - Nov. 30, 2022


November 30, 2022

Arvo Part withdrew from composing for a number of years during the 1970s to find his true voice. When he emerged from his self-imposed silence, he began producing remarkable, distinctive music that featured the concept of silence itself among its core properties. Tabula Rasa -"blank slate"- describes the beginning of this new phase of Part's career, and it's long been considered one of his signature works. Extra Eclectic host Steve Seel features his work as the centerpiece of this week's first hour, and in the second hour, composer David Lang offers his own fond interpretation of words from the biblical Book of Ruth.


Duo For Flute And Piano: 2nd Movement
Laura Kaminsky (Composer)
The Way Things Go (Album)
Tara Helen O'connor, Flute (Soloist)
Duration: 4:33

Satyagraha: Evening Song
Philip Glass (Composer)
Christopher Keene (Conductor)
Philip Glass: Glassmasters (Album)
New York City Opera Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Douglas Perry, Tenor (Soloist)
Duration: 8:23

Tabula Rasa
Arvo Part (composer)
Richard Studt (Conductor)
Part: Sanctuary (Album)
Bournemouth Sinfonietta (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Tasmin Little, Violin (Soloist)
Duration: 16:15

Zvonimir Nagy (Composer)
Liquiescence: Music By Zvonimir Nagy (Album)
Elisa Jarvi, Piano (Soloist)
Duration: 10:53

Flow and Fusion
Daniel Bjarnason (conductor)
Recurrence (Album)
Iceland Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 11:01

Postludium No. 4
Valentin Silvestrov (Composer)
Thomas Sanderling (Conductor)
Ustvolskaya, Silvestrov, Kancheli: Works For Piano And Orchestra (Album)
Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Elisaveta Blumina, Piano (Soloist)
Duration: 4:33

Lonely Angel
Peteris Vasks (Composer)
Jeffrey Kahane (Conductor)
Jalbert And Bach: Violin Concertos, Etc. (Album)
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Margaret Batjer, Violin (Soloist)
Duration: 12:54

String Quartet No. 1 "Mors Et Vita"
Jon Leifs (Composer)
Jon Leifs: The Three String Quartets (Album)
Yggdrasil Quartet (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 17:13

A Weeping Of Doves
20 For 2020 Volume 3 (Album)
Inbal Segev, Cello (Soloist)
Duration: 5:19

Where You Go (After The Book Of Ruth)
Daniel Reuss (Conductor)
David Lang: The Writings (Album)
Cappella Amsterdam (Orchestra/Ensemble)
Duration: 10:10

Where Life And Death May Dwell
From Afar (Album)
Vikingur Olafsson, Piano (Soloist)
Duration: 1:53