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Duluth welcomes a new northern classic

Matt Young is one of the co-artistic directors of the Duluth Chamber Music Festival.San Francisco Conservatory of Music

August 15, 2022

It’s not every day that classical music lovers can welcome a new chamber music festival. This week brings happy news from Duluth. The Duluth Chamber Music Festival holds its first mainstage concert on Thursday at the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Weber Concert Hall. The performance includes works from Debussy, Amy Beach and Brahms. The musicians are from the Cleveland Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony and faculty of The Juilliard School. Why Duluth? The town has become a central meeting place of respite in recent years.

“We have close friends who happen to have made their homes here, and it’s always a pleasure to visit,” co-artistic director Matt Young says. “We are launching the festival as a way to give back.”

“It’s a really special place for our family,” violist Jonathan Vinocour said about his connection with Duluth through his wife being born there. “I’m excited about being a part of a new chamber music festival.”


As a new summer chamber music festival springs to life this week in Duluth, an old favorite wraps up its 28th season in Alexandria, the Festival of the Lakes. Final concerts are Thursday and Sunday, which include members of the Minnesota Orchestra, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Duluth-Superior Symphony.