Watch a high school choir turn hit video game 'BioShock' into a musical

Big Daddy and Little Sister are the iconic fictional characters in the 'BioShock' video-game series2K Games

May 09, 2022

Throughout history, many things have been turned into musicals — books, shows, operas and more. But have you ever heard of a musical based on a video game?

California's John Burroughs High School choir created a musical performance that tells the story of Rapture, an underwater city where the video game BioShock takes place. The show includes characters from the game such as Andrew Ryan and Sander Cohen, which makes the adaptation more akin to a history lesson on the fictional events leading to the beginning of the franchise. 

The choir borrows popular songs such as Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” and adapts them to fit the BioShock world’s 1960s setting.

Watch John Burroughs High School choir’s 22-minute musical performance inspired by the video game BioShock.