Youth orchestra strikes back at car ad that pokes fun at young players

The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra performs during a 2018 concert. Provided

April 22, 2022

The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra is an inspiring organization in Canada that seeks to help children achieve their full potential through music. So its members weren’t happy when they saw a recent ad from Infiniti that shows a parent using her SUV to escape a cacophony of sound being created by young musicians.

Watch the video that the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra made in response, after viewing the original Infiniti ad.

The Infiniti ad

The original ad, with the title “Beautiful Mess,” shows a youth orchestra struggling to play Richard Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra.

The New Brunswick Youth Orchestra’s response

The musicians’ response, recorded April 4, 2022, at the Imperial Theatre in St. John, New Brunswick, proves that age isn’t a barrier to playing the iconic work well. It also gets in a dig at the auto company with its title, “An INFINITY of Young Talent.”

While the original ad might be amusing to some, it raises a larger issue about musical development. Too many people underestimate the talent and educational value of children learning music. The trope involving bad music emanating from kids shows up so often in TV shows and movies that some parents cringe at the idea of their child joining band or orchestra. Fortunately, the players of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra took matters into their own hands.