Explore the concept of masculinity with vocal ensemble Cantus

Explore the concept of masculinity with vocal ensemble Cantus. Courtesy of the ensemble

'Brave' with Cantus


June 14, 2021

What does it mean to be a man? How do we define "masculinity" in these rapidly changing times? And what values to fathers want to pass on to their sons today?

Those are some of the questions that the all-male ensemble Cantus took up — and sought to answer with music — in their special Brave.

Join host Steve Seel and the men of Cantus for a one-hour program that explores manhood in the 21st century, with inspiring musical selections and powerful words from the men of Cantus themselves.

Listen now.


Leland B. Sateren: “Do You Fear the Wind?”

Griffin Candey: Protocol, 1. “Self-Made”

Margaret Bonds: Fields of Wonder, V. “Snake”

Griffin Candey: Protocol, 2. “The Men Who Wore Lions”

Mari Esabel Valverde: Darest, O Soul

Sydney Guillaume: Gagot

Craig Hella Johnson: “Stray Birds” (from Considering Matthew Shepard)

Craig Hella Johnson: “I Am Like You/We Are All Sons” (from Considering Matthew Shepard)

Timothy C. Takach: VII. “Mars (Love Asleep and Waiting)” (from Helios)

Fanny Mendelssohn: Laß fahren hin

Griffin Candey: Protocol, 3. “Prayer for the Uncertain Animal”

Sara Bareilles & Jack Antonoff: “Kaleidoscope Heart/Brave”