YourClassical MPR's Project DJ

Twins Julian and Aidan Robbins share their love of music, reading and cooking

Aidan (left) and Julian (right) Robbins are this week's Project DJ co-hosts.Provided

March 25, 2021

Julian and Aidan Robbins join Steve Staruch as the guest co-hosts of this week's Project DJ on Classical MPR.

They're twins! (but not identical twins.) Is there sibling rivalry? Aidan says "no." Julian ...he isn't so sure. The twins live in Superior, Wis. Julian plays the viola and likes to cook. (But don't ask him about his brownies.) Aidan plays the tenor sax and likes to read science fiction. Aidan will tell you that the family dog, Ned, likes Julian better. The Robbins twins just had a 15th birthday and are excited to be co-hosting this week's Friday Favorites.

Aidan, How did you choose the tenor sax?

In the 5th grade, we had to sign up for our middle school music class, with the options being band, orchestra, and choir. I can assume my thought process was that the saxophone was usually associated with something cool, so I decided to take it up, and began taking saxophone lessons for the alto sax. In seventh grade we had the opportunity to try other types of saxophones, and from that I began playing the tenor sax, which I have enjoyed greatly over the past 3 years.

What are some of your favorite books and why?

I really enjoy the Lord of the Rings series, as a whole world is created inside of a book, which is really amazing to think about.

Julian, how did you choose the viola?

By the time I was in sixth grade, I had been playing the violin for five years. When I entered the sixth grade orchestra, I decided to challenge myself by learning how to play the viola, and I never turned back. I stopped playing the violin and totally converted to playing the viola in the seventh grade.

What do you like about cooking?

I like food. I love to serve myself dessert for breakfast and snack throughout the day. I began cooking and baking so I could make myself the food I love to eat, without having to wait for someone else to prepare it for me.

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