Listen to Minnesota Opera's World War I holiday tale, 'Silent Night'

Andrew Wilkowske as Ponchel, Karin Wolverton as Anna Sorensen, and Miles Mykkanen as Nikolaus Sprink in Minnesota Opera's 2018 production of 'Silent Night.'Dan Norman

Minnesota Opera: Silent Night Pt. 1


December 02, 2020
Minnesota Opera: Silent Night Pt. 2
by MPR

As Christmas 1914 approached, opposing armies famously put their differences aside and shared common celebrations.

Minnesota Opera's international sensation makes its homecoming just in time for the holidays. Listen to its 2018 production of the story of a miraculous moment of holiday peace on the frontlines of World War I. Silent Night, by composer Kevin Puts and librettist Mark Campbell, masterfully juxtaposes the bombastic sounds of war with serene songs from home, and stands as a heartfelt hymn to our common humanity.

Use the audio player above to listen to the Pulitzer Prize-winning production.

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