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An Tran: Stay, My Beloved

Guitarist An Tran Courtesy of the artist
19min 25sec : Interview with guitarist An Tran

Guitarist An Tran has a treasured photograph. In it, he is a young child and his parents are lifting him high overhead at their home in Vietnam. He remembers that at that moment his parents were singing what he describes as "the most beautiful melody ever:" a Vietnamese folk song translated as "Stay, My Beloved." It was a grounding moment in Tran's childhood and the song is the backbone of his new album, Stay, My Beloved.

An Tran: Stay, My Beloved

The album features a broad survey of classical guitar music from Vietnamese composers. Each piece is a distinct musical journey. The first track, Legend of the Bamboo Child, shows off difficult guitar technique with the drama of a complicated life story. In Central Highlands of Vietnam Tran's sensitive performance turns brush strokes, instrument taps, and tremolos into a musical rainstorm with chirping insects and singing birds. It is a beautifully played album from start to finish.

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