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Classical Kids Storytime: 'Johnny Appleseed'

Johnny knew how important it was for us to be kind to our animal friends. Nancy Carlson for MPR
7min 18sec : Classical Kids Storytime: Johnny Appleseed

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Do you like apples? Find out about the real man who loved apples so much that he traveled the country to share the fruit with everyone he met in Johnny Appleseed. It's the latest episode of Classical Kids Storytime, featuring music from Antonin Dvořák's New World Symphony and original illustrations by Nancy Carlson.

(See more of Carlson's illustrations in the gallery.)

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Our telling of Johnny Appleseed includes excerpts from the following recordings:

Antonin Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 (From the New World)
CSR Symphony Orchestra Bratislava, Ondrej Lenard
Amadis 7025

Courtesy of Naxos of America Inc.

Louis Auguste Jean Delacour: Appalachian Theme
Fiachra Terence Wilbraham Trench: The Pioneer Spirit
London Symphony Orchestra


Narrator: Steve Seel
Writer: Steve Seel and Valerie Kahler
Illustrator: Nancy Carlson
Producer: Valerie Kahler
Senior digital producer: Randy Salas
Program director: Julie Amacher

Johnny Appleseed's real name was John Chapman, who actually lived over 200 years ago. He loved apples. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Johnny walked around barefoot, even in the winter. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Some say Johnny even wore a tin pot on the top of his head, as a hat. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Johnny used the tin pot to make apple fritters over the campfire. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Johnny thought that if he could plant apple trees, he could see to it that more apples would grow. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Johnny knew how important it was for us to be kind to our animal friends. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Johnny met lots of folks along the way. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Sometimes Johnny would pass a companionable night sharing a meal with a friendly family. Nancy Carlson for MPR
As the years went by, miles and miles of apple trees dotted the landscape. Nancy Carlson for MPR
The apple now is one of the most familiar and beloved foods that we enjoy. Nancy Carlson for MPR

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