Listen: 'Love at the Movies'

Listen to our Valentine's Day special, 'Love at the Movies.'APM

Love at the Movies


February 07, 2022

Join host Lynne Warfel for a special Valentine's Day program and offshoot of the weekly national program Saturday Cinema. Love at the Movies is an hour of classic movie scores from romantic films, rom-coms, animated love stories and more.


  • Rota: “Romeo and Juliet” - Love Theme

  • Doyle: “Much Ado About Nothing” - Overture

  • Jarre: “Doctor Zhivago” - Lara’s Theme

  • Newman: “Wuthering Heights” - Cathy's Theme

  • Brown: “Singin' in the Rain” - Main Theme

  • Bernstein: “West Side Story” - Somewhere

  • Chaplin: “City Lights” - Suite

  • Rogers: Where or When

  • Waxman: “Philadelphia Story” - Suite

  • Warren: An Affair to Remember

  • Lai: “Love Story” - Theme

  • Santaoalalla: Selections from “Brokeback Mountain”

  • Steiner: “Casablanca” - Suite