Weekend picks in classical music, movies and more include Trumpet Day

Marissa Benedict, the new trumpet professor at the U of M, will be showcased alongside the Twin Cities Trumpet Ensemble.Courtesy of the artist

November 14, 2019

Party time: 300 birthday candles Thursday for Mozart — that's Leopold Mozart — who was to his son Wolfgang, what Colonel Tom Parker was to Elvis. Leopold's music leans toward the literal — if not outright verité, e.g. the Musical Sleighride with horses and sleigh bells, or the Hunting Symphony, replete with hunting horns, muskets, and actual barking dogs.

It's a good weekend to play Leopold Mozart's stratospheric trumpet concerto: Saturday is Trumpet Day at the University of Minnesota School of Music, then Sunday the Twin Cities Trumpet Ensemble gathers two-dozen trumpeters to showcase the U's new trumpet professor, Marissa Benedict. You may not know her name, but you've probably heard her play, on any of close to 200 movie scores, including Monsters Inc., Incredibles 2, War of the Worlds, and television's Star Trek: Voyager theme.

Elsewhere at the movies, my fellow motorheads and I will be at the opening of Ford v Ferrari; Matt Damon as race car designer Carroll Shelby, building a car for Ford to challenge Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966. It's a movie with impressive credentials; written by Jez Butterworth (his play The Ferryman won four Tonys, including Best Play) and starring Tracy Letts (who'll be back on Broadway this spring with Jessie Mueller for Letts' play The Minutes, a Pulitzer finalist).

Last call: Chicago closes its twice-extended run this weekend at Theater Latte Da in Minneapolis.
First call: Calling all Janeites: Miss Bennet opens Nov 20 at Jungle Theater, through Dec. 29.