Performance Today®

with host Fred Child

New York City listeners, we need your sounds!

Performance Today's New York Out Loud Performance Today

NYC listeners - we want to hear New York Out Loud, from your perspective! A new Performance Today Artist in Residence will compose work that celebrates each of NYC's five boroughs. New compositions will include community sourced sounds -- from you! We love street parties, traffic jams, birdsongs, cheers, hand clap games, jump ropes on pavement, footsteps on tile, decide!

What is the sound of your community? Take out your phone, press record, then send us your sounds!

The specifics:

-Please send no more than 30 seconds of audio from your New York block (or a New York block you've visited). Smart phone recordings are fine, and professional gear is great too.

-Format: mp3, mp4 or .wav

-Email your recording(s) to

-Please tell us the intersection where the audio was recorded

-Limit 5 recordings per person

By submitting audio to us, you agree that you have obtained the permissions necessary to both record and share this content with Performance Today and that we have permission to use it in any way we see fit.

If you encounter any issues sending us your audio, please reach out and we will help you in any way we can! Send your submissions before Saturday, August 10th.

-The PT Team