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'To Honor and Inspire': A salute to U.S. military bands

Combined, U.S. military bands have more than 6,500 musicians. APM
59min : 'To Honor and Inspire'

U.S. military bands have a long tradition of providing music for many kinds of occasions: parades, concerts, commemorations and national celebrations.

This special program, To Honor and Inspire, explores the history of bands from different branches of military services and the wide variety of music they play, from Sousa marches to opera extracts. Prepare to be inspired by the stunning sound of military band music!


Host: Andrea Blain

GOULD: American Salute. U.S. Marine Band (USMB 28)
COPLAND: Variations on a Shaker Melody. U.S. Army Field Band (USAFB 1)
GOULD: Dixie. U.S. Marine Band (USMB 28)
MASCAGNI: 'Regina Coeli' from Cavalleria Rusticana. U.S. Marine Band (USMB 16)
SOUSA: Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. USAF Heritage Band (Klavier 11139)
von SUPPE: Overture to the Light Cavalry. U.S. Marine Band (USMB 9)
SOUSA: Hail to the Spirit of Liberty March. U.S. Coast Guard Band (Altissimo 2152)
HOLST: Moorside March. U.S. Marine Band (USMB 15)
BACH: My Spirit Be Joyful. USAF Band of the Golden West (Bayside Bravura 1)
SOUSA: The Stars and Stripes Forever. USAF Heritage Band (Klavier 11139)
Various, arr. KNOX: Armed Forces Medley. U.S. Marine Band (Altissimo 2152)

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