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Classical Kids Storytime: An Irish Folk Tale

The queen kissed Nora daintily on each cheek. Nancy Carlson for MPR
10min 33sec : Classical Kids Storytime: Irish Folk Tale

▼ Download: Nora Mavourneen and the Fairy Queen

Once upon a time, in Ireland, there lived a "gloomery" little girl named Nora. What's "gloomery"? It's a sort of sad, crying feeling — the kind where, even if no tears fall from your eyes, you can still feel the crying deep in your bones. Restoring Nora's smile would take a magical adventure and the intervention of woodland fairies.

Listen now to the Irish folk tale Nora Mavourneen and the Fairy Queen, the latest episode of Classical Kids Storytime, featuring Irish music plus original illustrations by Nancy Carlson. (See more of her illustrations in the gallery below.)

Click the player above or YouTube video below to listen, or download the story to your own device for easy playback at any time.

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Podcast: Now available on iTunes!

Educators: Classical Kids Storytime meets Common Core Standards



Our telling of the Irish folk tale Nora Mavourneen and the Fairy Queen includes the following works from these recordings:

Victor Herbert: Irish Rhapsody
Ulster Orchestra, JoAnn Falletta
Naxos 573517

Charles Villiers Stanford: Irish Rhapsody No. 4
London Philharmonic, Adrian Boult
Lyrita 2338

Courtesy of Naxos of America Inc.


Storyteller: Andrea Blain
Story: Andrea Blain and Valerie Kahler, adapted from The Birthday Honors of the Fairy Queen, by Hapgood Moore (public domain)
Illustrations: Nancy Carlson
Producer: Valerie Kahler
Digital producer: Seiji Cataldo
Senior digital producer: Randy Salas
Program director: Julie Amacher

Once upon a time, in Ireland, there lived a 'gloomery' little girl named Nora. Nancy Carlson for MPR
No one in her family had ever seen Nora smile. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Fairies only show themselves to two kinds of people: those who believe in them and those who need them. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Nora was just starting to nod off when she heard a tapping coming from inside the tree! Nancy Carlson for MPR
The fairy was about the size of a bird, dressed all in green -- except for a lovely red cloak, which made Nora think she looked like a robin. Nancy Carlson for MPR
They got into a little boat, no bigger than a leaf, and began sailing across the pond, but beneath its surface. Nancy Carlson for MPR
The queen had wings like the most beautiful butterfly, a dress made of the morning, and a face like sunshine. Nancy Carlson for MPR
As each little person came forward, the trumpets sounded in triumph, and a gold star was pinned on each one's coat. Nancy Carlson for MPR
The queen kissed Nora daintily on each cheek. Nancy Carlson for MPR
Nora was smiling, showing off two little dimples where the fairy queen had kissed her. Nancy Carlson for MPR

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