Hollywood Holiday

The Muppet Christmas CarolCourtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Hollywood Holiday: The Ebenezer Edition


November 25, 2019

Join movie fan and host Lynne Warfel for a Humbug Festival on Hollywood Holiday: The Ebenezer Edition. Lynne features some of the best loved interpretations of the old miser with scores that are pure gold.

Included in the show: the 1938 Franz Waxman's A Christmas Carol with Reginald Owen and June Lockhart in her uncredited film debut playing a Cratchit kid (instead of Lost in Space and Timmy's Mom). Alastair Sim's offbeat Ebenezer with music by Richard Addinsell, to The Muppets, Scrooge the Musical and the latest version form Disney studios with Jim Carrey playing three Ebenezers and three ghosts to an Alan Silvestri score.


• Waxman: A Christmas Carol Suite — Queensland Symphony

• Addinsell: A Christmas Carol Suite — Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

• Bricusse: "I Hate People" from Scrooge — Albert Finney, Studio Orchestra and Company

• Bricusse: Finale ("Father Christmas" and "Thank You Very Much") from Scrooge — Albert Finney, Studio Orchestra and Company

• Goodwin and Paul Williams: "Overture" and "Scrooge" from The Muppet Christmas Carol

• Bicat: "Alive/Making Amends/Finale" from a Christmas Carol — Studio Orchestra

• Silvestri: "Main Title/First Waltz/The Ghost of Christmas Past/Ride on, My Good Man" from Disney's A Christmas Carol — Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra