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Candles Burning Brightly

Candles Burning Brightly

Mindy Ratner is host of the holiday favorite Candles Burning Brightly®, in celebration of Hanukkah. This year's program brings back Theodore Bikel's beautiful reading of Howard Schwartz's "The Lost Menorah," and there's plenty of charming music to highlight the history and traditions associated with the Jewish Festival of Lights.


Traditional Yiddish (arr. H. Netsky): Oy, Chanukah — New England Conservatory Jewish Music Ensemble/Hankus Netsky, cond.

Traditional Sephardic: Psalm 30 (instrumental) — Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

Traditional Sephardic: Los Siete Hijos de Hanna — Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

Solomon Golub (arr. Z. Mlotek): Borukh Ate zingt der Tate — Essential Voices USA/Judith Clurman, cond.

Traditional Folk Melody: Lichvod HaChanukah — Ron Raines, baritone; Essential Voices USA Orchestra/Judith Clurman, cond.

Hugo Chaim Adler: Hannerot Hallalu — Carolina Chamber Chorale/Tim Koch, cond.; Zhou Jin, piano

Folk Melody (arr. Clurman, Hochman & Mitchell): Haneirot Halalu — Essential Voices USA/Judith Clurman, cond.

Traditional Yiddish: Haneyros Halalu — Lissa Schneckenburger, violin; Hankus Netsky, piano

Chaim Parchi (arr. J. Jacobson): Aleh Neiri — Chaim Parchi, soloist; Zamir Chorale of Boston/Joshua Jacobson, cond.

Leo Low (arr. L. Moore): Likhtelekh — Coro Hebraeico/Neil Levin, cond.

Traditional Hebrew (arr. Noam D. Elkies): Mi Zeh Hidlik — Counterpoint/Robert de Cormier, cond.

Flory Jagoda (arr. H. Netsky): Ocho Candelikas — Rebecca Shrimpton, Marissa Steingold & the New England Conservatory Jewish Music Ensemble/Hankus Netsky, cond.

mindy ratner, theo bikel, hug
Classical MPR host Mindy Ratner and actor Theo Bikel share a hug.
Elaine Siegel

Traditional (arr. J. Tyzik): Chanukah, Chanukah — Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra/Jeff Tyzik, cond.

Howard Schwartz: "The Lost Menorah" — Theodore Bikel, reader (rec. MPR, June 2013)
Original story from the book Adam's Soul: The Collected Tales of Howard Schwartz (Jason Aronson, 1992). Used by permission.

Traditional Hebrew (arr. S. Robinson) — Mi Zeh Hidlik; Eaken Piano Trio

Traditional Sephardic: Azeremoz una merenda — Voice of the Turtle

Traditional: Maoz Tsur (English) — Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

Traditional: Maoz Tsur (Hebrew) — Zamir Chorale of Boston/Joshua Jacobson, cond.

Traditional (arr. R. Van Voorhees): Maoz Tsur (Instrumental) — Rachel Van Voorhees, harp

Traditional (arr. R. Van Voorhees): My Little Dreydl — Rachel Van Voorhees, harp

Mikhl Gelbart (arr. M. Zuckerman) : Ich bin a kleyner dreydl — Chicago a Cappella

Traditional Hebrew (arr. S. Barnett): S'vivon — New England Conservatory Chorus/Tamara Brooks, cond.

Judith Shatin: Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin — New London Children's Choir/Ronald Corp, cond.

Avrom Goldfaden (arr. E. Levine): Drey Zikh, Dreydele — Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

Abraham Ellstein and Moishe Oysher (arr. Ellstein, Jacobson & Netsky): Drey Dreydele — Cantor Morton Shames; New England Conservatory Jewish Music Ensemble and Chorus/Hankus Netsky, cond.

Traditional Yiddish (arr. H. Netsky): Oy, Chanukah (reprise) — New England Conservatory Jewish Music Ensemble/Hankus Netsky, cond.

Bonus Content

Enjoy these additional features and stories to enhance your experience of Candles Burning Brightly®.

  1. 8 songs for 8 nights: Music for Hanukkah

  2. Itzhak Perlman's Chanukah Radio Party

  3. Harpist Sunita Staneslow plays 'Ocho Candelikas'

  4. Mindy writes about a special menorah

  5. Menorah slideshow (see photos below)

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