2018-19 Application for PREVIOUS Class Notes Artists

Dancers, Djenane Saint Juste and Melissa Clark lead half the class in dance while the other half of the class provides the beat on the bokits [BOH-keet].MPR/Nate Ryan

March 23, 2018

Class Notes Artists Application DUE APRIL 11, 2018*

*This application is for PAST artists only. You are only eligible for this application if you have previously been a Class Notes Artist with your current lineup.

The Class Notes Artist program's goal is to continue to expand the number of students and schools that it serves while providing the highest quality artist experiences.

This application is for performers who have done the Class Notes Artist program at least once before. All past participants are eligible to apply, but past participation is not a guarantee of future acceptance.

The program will still accept applications for brand-new artists every year, but based on who is accepted out of the new artists that year, we will select past artists depending on our needs for the year.

Since any past artist applying will already be a known entity to the program (in terms of performance quality, presentation content, communication style, logistics handling, feedback reception, etc.), there are only a few questions on this application. There may be an interview.


  • Program sorted by mid-June (exact date to be determined)

  • Availability for 2018-19 school year to Claire by May 7, 2018

  • Rehearsal visit from Katie (as opposed to training), prior to first school visit

  • Commitment to a minimum of 5 school visits

  • Ability to travel is not required, but is certainly a plus

On a separate document please provide the following:

  • Contact Information

  • Ensemble Name

  • Ensemble Members and Instruments

  • Contact person

  • Contact email

  • Contact phone

  • Ensemble Website/Social Media

Please answer the following questions:

1) What did you learn from your most recent Class Notes Artist experience? How did you adapt as you progressed through your performances? If you could change anything about your past program, what would it be?

2) What new content or teaching strategy ideas might you have for a future program? (May or may not be used in your future program should you be selected.)

Questions for us?

Contact Claire Philpott at cphilpott@mpr.org.