Moveable Feast: It's lutefisk supper season

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Volunteers at Mindekirken's annual lutefisk dinner served 450 pounds of fish to approximately 500 guests in 2013. MPR News/ Nikki Tundel
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It's lutefisk supper season!

For those unfamiliar with the Scandinavian-American tradition, the oddly gelatinous lye-soaked whitefish is a popular holiday "treat" for some — and a source of utter disgust for others. But it's a big deal here.

Olsen Fish Co. in Minneapolis is the world's largest lutefisk processor — I visited once and couldn't get the smell out of my coat for days.

Anyway, there's a local aficionado who keeps a list of all the restaurants that serve it, plus church and community groups that host lutefisk suppers. Minnesota Monthly recently did a photo essay looking behind the scenes at the preparations for the dinner at the oldest Lutheran church in the state, Christ Lutheran in Marine on St. Croix.