Minnesota Varsity: Where Are They Now? - Nicholas Christenson

Composer Nicholas Christenson at the Fitzgerald Theater.Courtney Perry

October 27, 2017

Where Are They Now? spotlights Minnesota Varsity Featured and Showcase Artists and Composers from 2011 to 2017.

Nicholas Christenson from Minneapolis, Minn. was a Minnesota Varsity 2017 Showcase Composer. He recently got in touch with Classical MPR's Christine Sweet to share his latest news.

Nicholas Christenson, 2017 Showcase Composer

Age: 18

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.

Attends: Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York

A lot in my life has changed since Minnesota Varsity, most notably that I left home and am in college now. Since then, my musical interests have also shifted somewhat, so I'm doing less classical composition and more jazz writing and performance. To this end, my career goal is to be a jazz bassist.

Minnesota Varsity was a really special experience, and I think the biggest things I took away from it were from working with composer and mentor Carol Barnett - due to her input, I made massive changes to my piece and learned a lot about notation and development.