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Alan & Asadour; a Woman Conductor at the 1949 Festival on Aspen Public Radio's Festival Showcase

Antonia Brico Conducting in 1930 BRICO BUNDESARCHIV
29min : Aspen Public Radio's Festival Showcase - Alan & Asadour; the 1949 Festival

The final Festival Showcase program of the season is a wrap-up interview with Alan Fletcher and Asadour Santourian, who talk about the highlights for them of the season.

We also close out the show with a little known tidbit of music history: the first major woman conductor, Antonia Brico, came to the first Aspen Music Festival season before it was even a Festival!

We are happy to offer weekly installments of Festival Showcase with Chris Mohr from our colleagues at Aspen Public Radio.

Listen to the Aspen Stream here:

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