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Alisa Weilerstein and Edgar Meyer on Aspen Public Radio's Festival Showcase

Cellist Alisa Weilerstein Harald Hoffmann/Decca Classics
28min 51sec : Aspen Public Radio's Festival Showcase -Alisa Weilerstein, John Rojak, Ian Koziara, Edgar Meyer

Lots of things happening this last week at the Aspen Music Festival, and the musicians are sometimes getting a little giddy.

Bassist Edgar Meyer says when he's walking around with his instrument in its case, he sometimes sees people looking at him in a way that he knows they're about to say something they might regret. And bass trombonist John Rojak has been so busy preparing for Saturday's concert with a bass trombone concerto, he says his lips are strong enoughnto pull a tractor!

World-class cellist Alisa Weilerstein and rising opera star Ian Koziara also talk about concerts and opera performances.

We are happy to offer weekly installments of Festival Showcase with Chris Mohr from our colleagues at Aspen Public Radio.

Listen to the Aspen Stream here:

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