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Music is Music: Listening to Everything

Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian PlanoAlexander Schneider

Music is Music: Listening to Everything


June 21, 2017

Everything is a videogame where you can, literally, be the universe--whether you're playing as a strip of bacon, a planet, a bug, or even a thought. But in that huge world of character possibilities there's also a huge world of musical possibilities. Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano, the composers who wrote the music for Everything, join Music is Music host Ria Misra for a conversation about games, music, and what they mean.

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You can get the Everything album from Erased Tapes right here.

For more information on Ben Lukas Boysen and his work, check out his website, To learn more about Sebastian Plano and his work, go to his website, You can find more about Everything the videogame, right here right here

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