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Music is Music: Manu Delago and the Hang Drum

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Manu Delago and a hang drum photo courtesy of Manu Delago
11min 32sec : Season 2, Ep. 4: The Hang Drum

Hearing Manu Delago play music, you might think he is using a tabla, steel drums, a harp, bells and more--but all those sounds are actually the work of one new instrument: the hang drum. Listen in as Delago brings his hang into our New York studio for a conversation with host, Ria Misra.

Delago's hang music has been featured in performances everywhere from the London Symphony Orchestra to Bjork to Anoushka Shankar and even on 2014's Robocop. Today, he joins us for a music session and a conversation about how he learned to play an instrument that was new not just for him, but to the entire world.

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