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Music is Music: The International Space Orchestra is here to talk about space

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Apollo 11 photo courtesy of NASA
14min 12sec : Music in Space, Part II: International Space Orchestra
13min 14sec : Music is Music - Arthur Jeffes - S.2 E.1

The International Space Orchestra is a band where you can find astronauts, space scientists, and NASA flight directors all gathered around the very same piece of music. International Space Orchestra founder Nelly Ben Hayoun and NASA Ames Flight Director Rusty Hunt join Ria Misra on the Music is Music podcast today, to talk about music, space, and the ISO's Apollo 11 space opera.

This is the last leg of a two-part journey into music in space. Check out part one, with composer Arthur Jeffes. Jeffes is turning NASA's data on newly discovered exoplanets into some really beautiful music, you can listen to that episode right here.

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You can find more information on Nelly Ben Hayoun and the International Space Orchestra right here:

Some of NASA's Apollo 11 footage also found its way into this week's episode, you can watch their full video here:
And also learn more about those two moon missions NASA Ames flight director Rusty Hunt mentioned here:

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