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Music is Music: Music in Space

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Composer Arthur Jeffes Image via Arthur Jeffes
13min 14sec : Music is Music - Arthur Jeffes - S.2 E.1

We know what our planet looks like from above. It's a beautiful little blue-green marble that's instantly familiar in a way that says right away, we're home. But what might our planet sound like from afar? That's the question that drives the heart of the song Earth 812 and - besides being a beautiful piece of music - it's also a pretty impressive piece of science.

London-based composer Arthur Jeffes joins Ria Misra, host of the second season of our Music is Music podcast, to kick things off with a two-part episode on music in space. Jeffes - who you may also know from his band, Penguin Cafe - has been working with exoplanet hunters, space scientists, and physicists on a new space music project, pulling in everything from physicists' recordings of gravitational waves to a new algorithm that turns newly-discovered exoplanets into unique 8-note melodies.

From thousands of exoplanet melodies, Jeffes took just eight to turn into full compositions that form the basis of a forthcoming exoplanet concept album - along one additional melody that, much like that little blue-green marble, may give you a strange feeling of home.

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To find out more about Arthur Jeffes, and his space music project, head over to his website or the website for his space music project.

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