This Teeny-Tiny, Handmade Pipe Organ Is Utterly Delightful

Handmade pipe organAliaksei Zholner

February 22, 2017

Here's your "Awwww" and "Whoa!!" moment for today: a demonstration of a teeny-tiny, working pipe organ. It's an instrument made out of nothing but paper and cardboard (with one side covered by translucent plastic so that you can see its inner workings), and it's powered by nothing but an inflated balloon.

The inventor, Aliaksei Zholner, whose YouTube profile lists him as living in Belarus, has also posted video demonstrations of some of his other amazing paper creations, including a working (toy-sized) tank, drills, gears and a firecracker launcher.

But the most charming one has to be this organ, for which he's also posted some sketches and models on a Russian forum dedicated to paper-based engineering. He wrote on that site that it was his wife who suggested that he work on something like a music box, which led him to creating this paper instrument.