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Music is Music: Christopher Tignor

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Christopher Tignor Courtesy of the artist
14min 31sec : Music is Music: Christopher Tignor

Christopher Tignor is from a family of engineers, but it wasn't until he was attending college as a literature major that he realized he had the engineering gene as well. His path wasn't direct, but now Tignor is a composer, violinist, and software engineer and has won acclaim within both the classical and experimental music communities.

On this episode of "Music is Music," Tignor tells the story of his journey from literature major to composer and performer, and we hear the unique sound he creates with his violin and the help of his own software.

To find out more about the music of Christopher Tignor, check out his website. Tignor recorded all of the music on his latest album as videos as well. Here's one of those pieces, also featured in this podcast episode, titled "Arrow in the Dark."

Music is Music is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.