Moveable Feast: Predictions

The Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis has made headline worldwide for its approach to creating and selling meatless meat substitutes.Courtesy of James Norton | Heavy Table

Moveable Feast: Predictions


January 06, 2017

In early 2016, we predicted the demise of fresh-squeezed juice bars and frozen yogurt chains because in spite of their health focus, they both seemed a little too trendy. But rumors of their death were greatly exaggerated! Are we going to turn into a cold L.A.?

We were correct with one prediction: delivery continues to be big, with Amazon now delivering restaurant takeout. Next thing you know they'll be bringing your burrito via drone!

Another prediction — more international flavors — was probably just a little ahead of its time, so we'll repeat it for this year: a request for lesser-seen flavors from Africa, South America, Asia. At least we finally got a Korean BBQ place, the Hoban BBQ in Uptown — more evidence we are turning into L.A.!

A few more predictions, all in the health vein:

• Faux meat. The new Herbivorous Butcher opening this year means there's a market for it.

• Grain bowls. From the success of trucks-gone-brick-and-mortar World Street Kitchen, to Green and the Grain, to the new Field Day by Good Earth, they combine health with international flavor.

• Labneh — it's the new Greek yogurt. Consider it Greek yogurt's slightly thicker, creamier sibling.

• On a bigger scale, growing awareness of food waste. The new Minneapolis city curbside composting was a big step in the right direction this year!